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Wiss Snap Lock Punch

Model# WSLP1

Knives & Blades

Wiss Heavy-Duty Utility Knife 100-Blades

Model# RWK14D

Cutting Tools

Wiss Single Ring Shop Shears

Model# W11TM

Cutting Tools

Wiss 7 in. Straight-Cut Tin Snip

Model# A13L

Cutting Tools

Wiss 12.5 in. Straight-Cut Tin Snip

Model# A9N

Measuring Tools

Swanson 25 ft. Savage Proscribe Tape Measure

Model# SVPS25M1

Measuring Tools

Swanson 16 ft. Savage Proscribe tape Measure

Model# SVPS16M1

Knives & Blades

Wiss Auto-Retracting Safety Utility Knife

Model# WKAR2

Cutting Tools

Wiss 8-1/2 in. Easy Snip Utility Shears

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